Venom Cannibals Cobra Core Wheels - 72mm 80a - HITP Edition

Venom Cannibals Cobra Core Wheels - 72mm 80a - HITP Edition

These wheels from Venom USA are designed for fast, aggressive free-ride situations. Due to their innovative shape they are super grippy until broken in - they then offer predictable releases in to slides. Perfect for long runs down curvy roads. The 'Hard in the Paint' (or HITP) variation of the Cannibal wheel takes the tried and tested 72mm shape, but poured from a the driftiest urethane that Venom have ever developed. You will never experience a more slide-orientated ride on a race profile ever again.

The story goes that the Venom race and downhill team were asking for a fast-freeride oriented wheel with decent grip for taking corners, while being able to throw effortlessly long and controllable slides. The 72mm HITP Cannibal was the answer, this is the wheel for having fun on any downhill terrain you may encounter. This wheel is poured from a brilliant white 80a urethane and made in the USA.

A word of warning:- Due to their shape and specific compound, these wheels are prone to leaving urethane lines on the road. They should wear evenly across the wheel, but these wheels are designed to be ridden hard. Expect to leave the road covered in white 'thane lines after your session while experiencing slide-control like you've never before.

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LBW-210-HITP
    Brand: Venom
    Weight: 0.7kg
    Wheel Durometer/Hardness 80A
    Wheel Diameter 72mm
    Wheel Width TBC
    Wheel Contact Area 59mm
    Wheel Edge Profile Square
    Wheel Hub Setting OS Offset
Product Description


    In 2016 the Venom team decided to re-model their Cannibal wheels around the incredible 'Cobra Core'. This core drastically helps stop deforming wheels allowing the rider to grip harder and slide further. These 72mm variations are available in super soft 76a and 78a urethane - perfect for crunching over anything your downhill course can throw at you - also ideal for mounting on a traditional 'top-mount' board. The perfect balance of speed, grip and predictability. These wheels are up to 12 x stiffer than their predecessors and reinforced with fibreglass.

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