LongboardsUK have been central to the skateboard and longboard scene in the UK since way back when. Since day one our philosophy has always been 'skate shops run by skaters'. With a focus on talking to skaters, sharing the good times and passing on our wisdom - we've always tried to maintain our roots in the scene whilst nurturing each fresh-faced new generation of carvers.

It seems like a lot of business gets done online these days. Whilst that's important - kids in the sticks got to get their new ride somehow - we also know how vital it is to talk to a real person, not a robot. Skaters want to feel the wood grain in their own hands, the tape beneath their fingers.

We want to share stories about trips and tricks and runs. But we also want to provide the best possible customer service. That's why you can always come in to a real shop in London or Brighton and talk to real skaters, 364 Days a year.

Can't make it to a shop? Talk to a real skater anyway - give us a call and we'll talk bearings and wheels until the cows come home.