Seismic G5 180mm / 30° Spring Truck - Hollow Axle - (SINGLE)

Seismic G5 180mm / 30° Spring Truck - Hollow Axle - (SINGLE) Zoom

Seismic G5 180mm / 30° Spring Truck - Hollow Axle - (SINGLE)

..This is the Seismic® G5™ 30-degree Spring Truck with a 180mm faced Hanger and 30-degree Baseplate in a classic stone finish. Please note that the price is for a single truck. Order two (2) trucks for one skateboard. This hollow axle version reduces the weight of the truck.

General setup suggestions:
For optimal traction, power, and control, Seismic mounting this 30-degree truck at the tail of your board and a 45-degree truck at the nose. At LBUK we stock this truck the stiffer GREEN springs to provide a more locked-in feeling at the tail of your board. Alternatively, larger/heavier riders should purchase two of these trucks for their carve-orientated boards.

The G5 is the original precision longboard truck – five generations later and offers a major upgrade in Seismic's flagship high-rebound truck technology. It has been offering power, stability, manoeuvrability, and control since 1993. No truck has more energy return, more precision, or better steering control. The world’s best for pumping! Seismic's crack team of engineers and industrial designers scoured every cubic millimeter of the previous (G4) model – looking for material to trim and spots to toughen, all while improving aesthetics.The Breakthrough Spring Cap design keeps Springs much straighter as they compress – resulting in a larger turning range and enhanced steering control.

It also features thicker, stronger Pivot Bolts that are easier to remove and install, and it threads more securely into a larger Baseplate Locknut. Stronger, reusable Pivot Bolt Clip is easy to remove and install by hand, and it’s fastened to a rubber “leash” that prevents it from ever getting lost. Ingenious new multi-part Baseplate structure creates uniform thickness at mounting corners, so you need mounting bolts of only one length.

Seismic G5 baseplates require full surface support, so they should not be top-mounted on decks with drop-through mounting holes unless stiff riser blocks are placed between the trucks and the deck. Because of their unique baseplate structure, G5 trucks will not fit through standard drop-through mounting holes, either. G5 trucks should also not be mounted on top of rubber or urethane shock pads. These amplify stresses on the baseplates, especially if the mounting bolts are over-tightened or tightened unevenly. Then relatively minor impacts can push the baseplates past their breaking point.

Axle Height, Axle Offset, and Roll Centre
Axle Height: 58.5mm / 2.30 inches from baseplate bottom to axle midpoint
Axle Offset (Rake): 14.0mm / 0.55 inches
Roll Centre: 19.8mm / 0.78 inches above axle midpoint
More Axle Offset (or Rake) pushes the Roll Centre higher (towards the deck), resulting in quicker lean response and better wheel traction. Less Axle Offset (or Rake) leaves the Roll Center lower (near the axles), resulting in better lean control and stability.
SKU: G5180-30-HOL

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: G5180-30-HOL
    Brand: Seismic
    Weight: 0.5kg
    Truck Width 180mm
    Truck Style Carving
    Truck Reverse Kingpin Yes
Product Description


    This truck is all you need for your pumping carving needs. Seismic who have been about forever have got these sprung trucks down to a T these are so well engineered to be super responsive and let you turn on a penny. A true winner of a carving longboard truck. This comes with; Green truck springs (Standard). Solid axle or Hollow axle 180mm hanger A 30' angle These trucks are not really heavy like other sprung carving trucks. They are a fantastic made piece of kit that any pumper/carer needs attached to their quiver.

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