Madrid Skateboards John Lucero Reissue Deck - 'Black Jester' Graphic

Madrid Skateboards John Lucero Reissue Deck - 'Black Jester' Graphic

This is an exact replica of John Lucero's pro deck for Madrid Skateboards, dating back to 1984. To amplify the serious authenticity of the deck, Madrid have used the original molds from that classic era of skateboarding and produced a very finite amount of these classic bits of skateboard history (they're rare like hen's teeth!). The deck has a high quality 'Black Jester' graphic and has been made using FSC certified maple wood in Madrid's Huntington Beach, California workshop. This deck is supplied without grip-tape as standard. The deck is 30" long by 10.25" wide. It features a 16.5" wheelbase and has new-school truck mounting points. This is your chance to own a classic piece of skateboard design.
SKU: LBD-726

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LBD-726
    Brand: Madrid
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Longboard Length 30
    Longboard Width 10.25
    Longboard Shape Wide Directional Bowl Board
    Longboard Construction FSC American Maple
Product Description


    Madrid Skateboards USA have done the right thing and produced limited run of Lucero's classic 1984 pro deck. A fully functional bowl deck with nose and tail, this heritage piece of skateboard design is loaded with authenticity and offers a truly retro ride for skaters looking for some flair in their style. The deck has been made using premium FSC maple on the original shaping molds. This Madrid deck features wheel-flares allowing skaters to run a standard street wheel. Available in very limited numbers.

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