Trucks, trucks and more trucks! We have a wide range of trucks to suit any board or ride style, Just make sure you pick the right size and style of truck for your deck. Whether it's Indy 149's for your 8.5" skateboard or 180mm Paris V2's for your Madrid Drop through.

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  • Bear 'Polar' Truck - Various Sizes - (SINGLE)

    Bear 'Polar' Truck - Various Sizes - (SINGLE)

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    Bear are best known for their rugged down hill trucks of which their quality is undeniable - when a few years ago they turned their attention to produced a small truck suitable for street/urban skating lots of people got excited. Bear has been working with team riders designing and engineering this regular geometry truck. Bushings are a 'Standard' set up of barrel (15mm) and cone (10.5mm) in 90A urethane. Learn More

  • Bear 181mm / 52°  'Grizzly 852' Truck (SINGLE)

    Bear 181mm / 52° 'Grizzly 852' Truck (SINGLE)

    Bear have revamped and redesigned the Bear Grizzly 8.52 to focus on strength, versatility and weight reduction. The 5th gen truck has a stronger heat treated axle, revised and less restrictive bushing seat as well as a laser engraved logo. The baseplate now features an 8 hole mounting system to accommodate both old and new school drill patterns. This pattern can also be used to adjust wheelbases by an inch. They've also reduced baseplate weight by removing unnecessary material. Strength tested and engineered to perfection, the 5th gen Grizzly 852 is an improvement on an industry standard. The choice for downhill and racing Truck Width: 181mm Truck Axle Diameter: 8mm Truck Angle: 47 degree, 57 degrees Truck Bushing Duro: 83a PRICED AS ONE TRUCK Learn More

  • Bear Grizzly 40° Black Longboard Truck (single)

    Bear Grizzly 40° Black Longboard Truck (single)

    Made with the same construction and expertise as the Bear Grizzly 852's, the 840's feature a 40 degree baseplate as opposed to a 52 degree baseplate. This makes the truck more stable at high speeds, making it a great choice for downhill riding. While they perform great at high speeds, truck of this nature are not as responsive at low speeds and so they are not typically recommended for those looking to do mellow cruising. Price is for ONE Truck Learn More

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