Loaded Coyote Skateboard Deck - 30.75" / 8.375"

Loaded Coyote Skateboard Deck - 30.75" / 8.375"

This is Loaded's first ever 'budget' skateboard deck! With a simple maple construction and a design geared towards technical street skaters who want an old-school flavour deck, the Coyote still packs in a bunch of features and is a continuation of Loaded's attention to detail.
Functional Design: A beefy tail and compact nose (with subtle dished concave) provide excellent manoeuvrability and leverage for slides and street/freestyle tricks.

Curvaceous Confidence: Rocker profile and mild concave ensure a secure and comfortable stance. Flared wheel wells increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic reference points for your feet—great for sliding and general board awareness.

Classic Layup with a Twist: Loaded’s first 7-ply maple skateboard, the Coyote’s custom layup features thicker cross veneers for optimal stiffness, crisp pop, and a smooth ride.

Please note that unlike other Loaded Decks, the Coyote is supplied without grip tape.

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Brand: Loaded
    Weight: 1.3kg
    Longboard Length 30.75
    Longboard Width 8.375
    Longboard Shape Directional Old-School Board
    Longboard Construction All Maple 7-Ply with thicker cross veneers for optimal deck stiffness
Product Description


    Loaded's first budget focused skateboard deck is still packed full of killer features that make this a worthy platform for everyday trickery. Loaded have re-imagined their Kanthaka deck with a new maple construction (with a clever cross veneer layering for extra strength). It keeps the same ergonomic curvatures, functional kicktail, and wheel flares but with a simpler construction. To finish the deck, Loaded have added some beautiful graphics from Ted Kelly for this one too.

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