Kryptonics 22" Locker Board 'Skull Rays' Skateboard

Kryptonics 22" Locker Board 'Skull Rays' Skateboard

Younger Riders - get ready to get gnarly! This shrunk down street board has everything you need to start learning the basics of balance and skateboard tricks. A 9 ply maple deck with budget orientated components will let youngsters hone their skills as well as being appropriately sized to stash in your school locker. The Kryptonics Locker Board comes with spooky 'Skull Rays' graphics. This board arrives complete, ready to ride straight away.
SKU: LON-601

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LON-601
    Brand: Kryptonics
    Weight: 1.75kg
    Longboard Length 22"
    Longboard Width 5.75"
    Longboard Shape Minature Popsicle
    Longboard Construction 9 ply maple
    Longboard Trucks 3.25" Composite Trucks
    Wheels 50mm Kryponic Wheels
    Longboard Bearings 608ZB - Basic
    Board Style Mini
Product Description


    Locker Boards from Kryptonics skateboards are cute little popsicle decks you can easily stash in your school locker. Geared towards younger riders, Locker Boards are a great, budget-orientated introduction to skateboarding that lets riders get a feel for the sport. Complete with 9 ply maple deck and all the components you need to start skating the corridors. Finished with 'Crazy Eyes' graphics. Conforms to relevant safety standards.

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