Havana Pintail 'Flight' Longboard - 39" / 9"

Havana Pintail 'Flight' Longboard - 39" / 9" Zoom

Havana Pintail 'Flight' Longboard - 39" / 9"

The 'Flight' Pintail board has been a classic fixture in the Havana range since the brand's inception and is the go-to board of choice for skaters looking for a relaxed yet engaging ride. The Flight comes mounted with 70mm / 80a wheels poured in a transparent urethane as standard. These softer wheels offer superb traction and will absorb any minor bumps or cracks the road or pavement throws at you with ease. They'll also keep you firmly planted, and offer superb traction for a surf-orientated ride. The Pintail deck is crafted from quality maple and features slight wheel wells for a deeper carve. Quality black grip-tape adorns the board and 180mm RKP (reverse kingpin) trucks offer a dynamic, responsive ride. This Havana Pintail board is perfect for a rider looking for a less trick-orientated cruise, but still wants to perform carving and entry-level dancing tricks. Ideal for the seaside and the long open road. This board also acts as perfect starting point for skaters looking to get in to longboarding. An easy-going price point and cross compatibility for the components with other brands means the Havana Flight Pintail can be easily tweaked and modified at a later date.
SKU: LON-102

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LON-102
    Brand: Havana Skateboards
    Weight: 6kg
    Longboard Length 39.9""
    Longboard Width 9"
    Longboard Wheelbase 28"
    Longboard Shape Classic Pintail
    Longboard Construction 7 Ply Pressed Maple
    Longboard Trucks Havana RKP 180mm Trucks
    Wheels 70mm / 80a Transparent Urethane
    Longboard Bearings Steel Precision Bearings
    Board Style Pintail
Product Description


    Havana LongBoards have upped their game on this classic Longboard shape. The Havana 'Flight' Pintail has been made from quality, fully pressed wood and crafted to produce an elegant silhouette. Havana always deliver quality components that work in harmony - with this revision of a classic design they have delivered an affordable board that out performs everything else at this price point.
    The Havana Pintail was designed with the urban surfer in mind - a gentle, smooth ride that loves speeding along flat land almost as much as it loves carving. The combination of ABEC 5 bearings and Mojito 70mm (80a) wheels deliver a fast board with traction when you need it.
    In addition, the quality deck is mounted with reverse kingpin (RKP) 180mm trucks, 90a Bushings and is ready to ride straight away - no tweaking or adjustments are necessary. Just get on your Havana Pintail and ride.

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