Havana Kick-Tail Cruiser 'Birds' Longboard - 36" / 9"

Havana Kick-Tail Cruiser 'Birds' Longboard - 36" / 9" Zoom

Havana Kick-Tail Cruiser 'Birds' Longboard - 36" / 9"

The Birds Cruiser from Havana could be your perfect entry point in to the world of longboarding. If you're unsure what element of the sport appeals to you, the kicktail series does a good job of being very versatile, without being too specialist or orientated around one style. Aside from the asymmetrical, directional shape The 'Birds' deck features a shouldered shape (with extra wheels wells at the rear) which allows for extra deep carves when coupled with the dynamic 180mm RKP trucks as the under-carriage. The deck shape also features a mellow kicktail to give you leverage when you need it and the surface area is enough to accommodate some fancy footwork. The 65mm / 80a Urethane wheels are soft enough to give a comfortable ride on most surfaces and, when broken in, will let you practice those power-slides. They'll also allow you to achieve decent speeds along with the ABEC 5 bearings and are appropriate for light downhill riding. To summarise - a little bit of everything, mounted on a board that can easily be upgraded or modified at your discretion at a later date.
SKU: LON-101

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LON-101
    Brand: Havana Skateboards
    Weight: 5.5kg
    Longboard Length 36"
    Longboard Width 9"
    Longboard Wheelbase 23.25"
    Longboard Shape Directional Cruiser with kick-tail and shoulders
    Longboard Construction 7 Ply Maple - Fully Pressed
    Longboard Trucks Havana 180mm RKP
    Longboard Bearings ABEC 5
    Board Style Transporter
Product Description


    If you've been looking for that perfect, versatile longboard that doesn't break the bank, the Havana KickTail Series could be the answer! Havana are a fresh brand who have quickly established themselves as designers and crafters or superb quality rides.
    Decades of riding and research has led them to the KickTail Cruisers models. Aside from their lush graphics, Havana have chosen quality components to deliver a complete board that delivers performance wise -The Kicktail is the perfect set-up for street cruising with the added advantage of a bit of 'pop' - ideal for negotiating urban terrain.
    The combination of ABEC 5 bearings and improved red Mojito 65mm / 80a Wheels gives a fast board with traction when you need it. Coupled with the reverse kingpin 10" trucks and you get a responsive longboard that loves carving and is engaging and fun to ride.
    There's little else available right now that comes close to the Havana series price wise. This complete is ready to ride straight away and requires no professional tweaking.

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