Havana Rev-Cruiser Complete Board - 30" / 8" - Natural

Havana Rev-Cruiser Complete Board - 30" / 8" - Natural Zoom

Havana Rev-Cruiser Complete Board - 30" / 8" - Natural

The Rev-Cruiser takes it's name from the 'Reverse' trucks mounted on the underside. These Reverse KingPin trucks offer a more responsive, dynamic and carve-orientated ride than a conventional skateboard. However, the classic, directional shape of the board feels great underfoot, but still offers ample tricking opportunities. A functional kick-tail and micro nose will allow technical riders to get air or manual - but the under-carriage offers a comfortable, agile ride. Simply put, it's the best of both worlds! With the Rev-Cruiser you can navigate the city with easy but the board shape transitions well to park and obstacle skating. This board comes mounted with 65mm / 80a urethane wheels as standard - loaded with ABEC 5 bearings. This set-up offers much better top-speeds than a traditional skateboard and will absorb anything the city has to throw at you. This board is supplied complete and ready to ride. The underside of the deck has had the Havana Logo burnt in to the maple.

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: LON-105-RAW
    Brand: Havana Skateboards
    Weight: 3.5kg
    Longboard Length 29"
    Longboard Width 8.5"
    Longboard Wheelbase 18"
    Longboard Shape Directional Cruiser with Kick
    Longboard Construction 7 Ply maple - Fully Pressed
    Longboard Trucks Havana 150mm Reverse KingPin Trucks - 90a Bushings
    Wheels Mojito - 65mm / 80a
    Longboard Bearings Precision Steel Bearings
    Board Style Cruiser
Product Description


    The Rev-Cruiser is one of the latest versatile trick/cruiser boards from Havana. It combines the best elements of skateboarding and longboarding in one compact cruiser. The reverse kingpin trucks and big, soft wheels give you the classic smooth ride and deep turn of a longboard, While the short wheelbase, concave and kick tail of the deck gives you the control and precision of a regular street deck, with plenty of trick potential. Whether you want to cruise, Pop an ollie up a curb or kickflip a crack you can do it all on the Rev-Cruiser! It's compact size and light weight makes it easy to carry or strap to a back pack for travel so it's ideal for getting around town or taking on a trip.

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