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    Loaded 47" Tarab Longboard Deck

    Loaded 47" Tarab Longboard Deck

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    The Tarab is the Loaded design team's endeavour to continue the legacy of their benchmark dancing board, the Bhangra. It is both lightweight, durable and extremely technical in design. Simply put, it's one of the most advanced longboard decks on the market (and comes with a price tag to match).

    In terms of shape, this deck has been designed with integrated rocker, concave and kictails. In addition, the Loaded team have carefully modified the symmetrical shape with grabrails and an innovative griptape design - placed beautifully (not just decoratively) to facilitate elegant footwork and a more ergonomic riding experience for freestyle riders. The deck oozes flow and will be appreciated by riders of all abilities.

    The deck itself is constructed from bamboo and basalt which keeps the overall design lightweight but simulatenously lively and durable. The top layer is built from cork which provides secure but non-abrasive traction as well as dampening vibrations. The kictails have been reinforced with urethane and the UHMWPE rails protect the board against any nasty impacts which would otherwise compromise inferior boards.

    The Tarab comes in two distinctly different flexes. The Flex 1 features an extra bamboo veneer for added stiffness and damping. Flex 2 is slightly lighter and much more lively. Both options have two truck mounting options to facilitate different riding preferences. Please note that the Tarab deck is available in two different flexes. Riders should choose the model most appropriate for their weight range (see below) in order to get the most from their board.

    Length: 47" / 119 cm
    Width: 9.5" / 24 cm
    Wheelbase: 31.25" and 32.25" / 79.4 cm and 81.9 cm
    Kick Length: 7.875" / 20 cm (tip to inner bolt)
    Weight: 5 lbs / 2.3 kg

    Flex Ranges:
    Flex 1: 140-270+ lbs / 63-123+ kg
    Flex 2: 80-190+ lbs / 36-86+ kg
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