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    48" x 9.5" Double Kick Dancer Canadian Maple (#CM48) 8ply perfect flex Length: 48” Width: 9.5” Wheel Base: 30" inner hole to inner hole Dancer style Max Weight: 250lbs Plies: 8 Plies Material: Canadian Maple with your choose of color stained color decks. Learn More

  • INDY 49" Bamboo Dancer Deck

    INDY 49" Bamboo Dancer Deck

    INDY present their ever so long dancer deck - This board has been lovingly crafted from quality bamboo to give the perfect rigid/lightness ratio. With length for days and a pair of useful kicktails, this board lends itself to graceful dancing and tricking. The shape of the board will accommodate wheels up to 70mm with 1/4" risers. This board is supplied without Graphics so you can enjoy the beautiful bamboo woodwork on the under-side Learn More

  • INDY 49" Walnut Dancer Board

    INDY 49" Walnut Dancer Board

    A composite board from Indy - made in the USA from premium materials including aged maple and walnut. Perfect for dancers and freestyle riding. Learn More

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    Loaded 47" Tarab Longboard Deck

    Loaded 47" Tarab Longboard Deck

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    The Tarab is the Loaded design team's endeavour to continue the legacy of their benchmark dancing board, the Bhangra. It is both lightweight, durable and extremely technical in design. Simply put, it's one of the most advanced longboard decks on the market (and comes with a price tag to match).

    In terms of shape, this deck has been designed with integrated rocker, concave and kictails. In addition, the Loaded team have carefully modified the symmetrical shape with grabrails and an innovative griptape design - placed beautifully (not just decoratively) to facilitate elegant footwork and a more ergonomic riding experience for freestyle riders. The deck oozes flow and will be appreciated by riders of all abilities.

    The deck itself is constructed from bamboo and basalt which keeps the overall design lightweight but simulatenously lively and durable. The top layer is built from cork which provides secure but non-abrasive traction as well as dampening vibrations. The kictails have been reinforced with urethane and the UHMWPE rails protect the board against any nasty impacts which would otherwise compromise inferior boards.

    The Tarab comes in two distinctly different flexes. The Flex 1 features an extra bamboo veneer for added stiffness and damping. Flex 2 is slightly lighter and much more lively. Both options have two truck mounting options to facilitate different riding preferences. Please note that the Tarab deck is available in two different flexes. Riders should choose the model most appropriate for their weight range (see below) in order to get the most from their board.

    Length: 47" / 119 cm
    Width: 9.5" / 24 cm
    Wheelbase: 31.25" and 32.25" / 79.4 cm and 81.9 cm
    Kick Length: 7.875" / 20 cm (tip to inner bolt)
    Weight: 5 lbs / 2.3 kg

    Flex Ranges:
    Flex 1: 140-270+ lbs / 63-123+ kg
    Flex 2: 80-190+ lbs / 36-86+ kg
    Learn More

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  • Loaded Bhangra Deck -  48.5" / 9.5" - Various Flex Options

    Loaded Bhangra Deck - 48.5" / 9.5" - Various Flex Options

    The Dancer is dead...long live the Bhangra! This offering from Loaded is a more compact dancing/freestyle deck. The Bhangra offers plenty of foot space to get your dancing groove on yet is compact and lightweight enough to facilitate steezy slides and advanced flatland tricks. Upturned nose and tail kicks, purposeful grip-tape patterns, rocker, mellow concave and damp flex (created in part by the use of epoxy bio-resin & cork) result in comfortable and functional ergonomics that inspire confidence on both the dance floor and the hills.
    The Bhangra comes in two different flexes: It is important riders choose the flex most relevant to their weight range in order to get the best action and most dynamic ride from their board.

    FLEX 2 (90-190+ lbs) is what Loaded's pro riders Adam S. (150 lbs) and Adam C. (160 lbs) ride. The Adam’s prefer a board with a bit of flex to it (they claim it feels a lot better for freestyle). You can still take the flex 2 plenty fast and do slides comfortably, thanks to the rocker and concave.

    FLEX 1 (150-250+ lbs) is definitely stiffer, and if you are 160 lbs it will only flex slightly under you. If you like stiffer boards and plan on doing hard pounding tricks with this board or weigh more (over 190 lbs), this is your board. Learn More

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  • Loaded Bhangra V2 Deck

    Loaded Bhangra V2 Deck

    Designed for the fanciest of footwork, the Bhangra offers a spacious platform with plenty of room for all your dance moves yet is nimble enough for advanced freestyle tricks and steezy slides. Ideal for dancing/freestyle gurus and surf-style aficionados looking for a smooth and graceful riding experience.

    The NEW Bhangra V2 features updated basalt and bio-epoxy construction for lighter weight, higher strength, a new damp flex, and continued eco-friendliness. Bio-based Super Sap epoxy uses tree sap to replace much of its petroleum content, and basalt fabric requires less processing than fiberglass because it was already processed by a volcano.

    Length: 48.5" / 123 cm
    Width: 9.5" / 24 cm
    Wheelbase (inner hole): 32.75" / 83.19 cm
    Profile: rocker
    Weight (deck only): 5.1-5.5 lbs / 2.3-2.5 kg

    Flex 1: 130-300+ lbs / 60-136+ kg
    Flex 2: 90-190+ lbs / 40-86+ kg

    FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – A generous platform with rockered profile cradles your stance for comfortable dancing, freestyle, and general riding. Mild concave (slightly increased from the Bhangra V1) provides edge control without interfering with footwork. Large nose and tail with aggressive (50-grit) griptape encourage creative manual and shuvit tricks. A strategic pattern of mild (80-grit) griptape on the standing platform ensures confidence in sliding and hard carving while also allowing for smooth pivots, pirouettes, and other dancing footwork. CNC-milled wheel wells increase clearance for bigger wheels and reduce the risk of wheelbite.

    STRONG. DAMP. ECO. – Dual vertically laminated bamboo cores are sandwiched between layers of basalt fabric to create a strong and lightweight structure (on average more than half a pound lighter than its V1 predecessor) with damp yet responsive flex. A bamboo bottom veneer protects the bottom basalt composite layer, while a cross-ply bamboo top veneer adds both durability and torsional stiffness. Bio-based Super Sap epoxy uses tree sap to replace the bulk of petroleum components in resin and improves feel and finish. The Bhangra V2 will be the first of many boards in the Loaded lineup to switch to this resin system in the near future.

    HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLEX – Bamboo and basalt construction provides comfortable flex perfect for fancy footwork and freestyle tricks. The difference in stiffness between the two flex options is significantly higher than our usual ratios, hence the designation “Flex <1”. Flex <1 is ideal for both heavier riders and aggressive freestyle tricksters of any stature seeking considerably higher stiffness, stability, and resilience. Flex 2 is a balanced yet damp flex appropriate for a wide range of riders or those looking for a more playful and responsive board.

    GRAPHIC - The Bhangra V2 features original artwork by Mexican artist Tomas Guereña (a.k.a. “screw”), the same artist who designed the Poke graphic. The lines of the graphic are meant to symbolize the movement and flow of longboard dancers. Learn More

  • Loaded Mata Hari Longboard Deck

    Loaded Mata Hari Longboard Deck

    Features Width: 9.25" / 23.5 cm Length: 44.5" / 113 cm Wheelbase: 27.25", 28.25", 29.25” / 69.2cm, 71.8cm, 74.3 cm (Triple Drilled) Profile: Rocker Deck Weight: 4.6lbs / 2.1kg Learn More

  • Madrid Fiberglass Pole 46" Space Mountain Longboard Deck - MADE IN USA

    Madrid Fiberglass Pole 46" Space Mountain Longboard Deck - MADE IN USA

    Our unique combination of maple and bamboo in-between a top and bottom layer of fiberglass makes our board very flexible without compromising strength. The medium flex is perfect for dancing and freestyle tricks.

    L: 45.98" W:9.05" WB: 30.98"


    - Top Mount

    - Medium Flex: 140lbs (63.5kg) - 189lbs (85.73kg)

    - Double kick

    Learn More


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    Madrid Paddle 'Crackle' Freestyle Deck

    Madrid Paddle 'Crackle' Freestyle Deck

    The origins of surfing can be traced all the way back to the ancient Hawaiians utilizing carved pieces of wood to ride the waves. The Paddle takes it cues specifically from that ancient art form. Get to steppin' with a wickedly wide micro-drop platform and all the length you'll need to rip it up, big kahuna style. Learn More

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