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All the boards in this section come set up and ready to ride with trucks, wheels, bearing, bolts grip tape. Please note: Some sale items may have some minor cosmetic damage (scratches/scuffs)

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  • Create Your Own Loaded Board

    Create Your Own Loaded Board

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  • Create Your Own Street / Old School Board

    Create Your Own Street / Old School Board

    Want to build your own street or old-school bowl board? You've found the right place! LongboardsUK specialises in building complete old-school builds for riders who know exactly what they want. By choosing this option, a professional Board Builder will put your board together as per your requirements. We'll also grip your deck for free as well as providing free stock hardware. Please use the guideline below to help choose your trucks:
    – 5″ Hanger / 129mm Trucks fit decks from 7.5" to 8" inches.
    – 5.25″ Hanger / 139mm Trucks fit decks from 8" to 8.5" inches.
    – 149mm Trucks fit decks 8.5" to 9" inches
    – 169mm Trucks fit decks 9" to 10" inches
    – 215mm Trucks fit all decks wider than 10"
    In the event that we feel that a certain truck or wheel may be inappropriate for your deck due to a sizing issue we will contact you prior to shipping. All wheels in this section have been chosen as appropriate for street / cruiser / bowl boards. In the event we feel a customised board requires it, we will add a set of riser pads at no extra charge.
    Want to customise your board further? Why not contact us Learn More

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  • Kryptonics 22.5 Torpedo 'Aqua' Cruiser Board "

    Kryptonics 22.5 Torpedo 'Aqua' Cruiser Board "

    Kryptonics 22.5" Torpedo 'Aqua' Cruiser Board Learn More

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    Madrid 28.5" Squirt 'Smoke' Complete Skateboard

    Madrid 28.5" Squirt 'Smoke' Complete Skateboard

    The Picket was designed by the crew at Madrid Skateboard to let you get up to no good - what you choose to use those hollowed out trucks for is nobody's business but yours. Aside from reducing the weight of the board (great for the inner-city commute or stashing in your locker), the customised trucks come with a US made Picket deck with a customised 'Smoke' graphic and a set of Cadillac's killer 59mm White Wall Wheels. Use this complete board to get around town comfortably but also transition to street skating should you want to. Each complete board will arrive ready to ride and loaded with Madrid's reliable FlyPaper Learn More

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    Madrid Gun 'Outline' Complete Longboard - 37.75" / 9.75"

    Madrid Gun 'Outline' Complete Longboard - 37.75" / 9.75"

    The Gun was one of LBUK's staff favourite shapes in the Madrid line-up for a long time. A classic pintail shape, with an iconic split tail and just the slightest hint of concave engineered in to the maple deck gave this board a sense of class. However, Madrid's choice to pair this deck with Paris 180mm RKP trucks and 78a smooth ride wheels was inspired and transformed this complete build in to an engaging yet relaxed ride. As comfortable doing elegant carves down a long stretch of empty road as it is bombing slight hills at speed, this Madrid Gun build is both stable and fun. Riders also get a lot of premium components for their money. Investing in the Gun means not having to splash out on further components later on in their longboarding adventure, as all components are well-made, versatile and durable. Learn More

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    Street Sledge Complete

    Street Sledge Complete

    The original Street Sledge, easy to use and quick to learn. From the minds of a team of top skaters and designed from real life experience, Street Sledge turns the smallest slope into an action-packed adventure playground. Grab your board, grab your friends and prepare to race and explore on a street sledge. Street Sledge is the evolution of a go-kart and winter sledge combined! With an affordable price point and a safe design, the team aims to bring safe gravity sports to a wider audience. Street sledge is designed to replicate the high adrenaline feeling of gravity sports in a safe manner for all audiences. Age range: 6+

    Size: 78cm x 40cm
    Deck: ‘SuperFlex’ nylon fibre mix
    Trucks: 180mm wide RKP
    Bushing: 85a
    Wheels: 70mm 78a HR
    Bearings: Abec 7
    Weight 3.8kg Learn More
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