Venom Downhill Bushings HPF/SHR ( All Duro )

The Downhill Bushing pack is built for speed. With this set you will receive two 'barrel' bushings which provide a more stable centre-point for stability at high velocity. This should eliminate a lot of speed wobble but may limit the amount of you can carve and lean the board. You'll notice that you're required to choose between HPF and SHR formula urethane. Venom created the SHR (Super High Rebound) Formula to satisfy widespread demand for a springier bushing that provides fast turning response and a snappy return-to-centre action for an extremely lively feel. Ideal for carving, freestyle, and use in conventional "Indy-style" trucks, this formula performs best at speeds under 30mph/50kmph. If you're focus is on going fast then you'll prefer the HPF (High Performance Urethane) which absorb and dampens rumbles and shocks much better. In the case of these Downhill Bushings a lower durometer is softer facilitating a slightly easier turn, a higher durometer is for downhill racing on simple courses, where speed is everything. Supplied in this pack is enough for you to modify 1 x Truck.

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  • Venom Downhill Bushings HPF/SHR ( All Duro )
  • Venom Downhill Bushings HPF/SHR ( All Duro )
Manufacturer Venom Bushings

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