These Wheels 'FRF 727' 70mm / 78a (Green Core)

these™ wheels are created by Skate One Corp., source of the finest, most innovative skate wheels in the industry, since 1976. these wheels are poured in the Santa Barbara, California factory, where These create unique urethane formulations for specific skate terrains. these wheels are created with the highest quality materials in order to provide higher performance and longer life, creating true value for skaters. Even though the initial price is somewhat higher, the actual cost per day of using these wheels is only a fraction of the cost of existing lower priced wheels! The higher initial cost is totally mitigated by their longer life, making them very attractive to both the performance-oriented longboarder and the cost-conscious skater.

The performance advantage of these wheels is provided by both their innovative design and the superior quality of their proprietary materials and formulas. these wheel design advantages include:

UHR Energy Core™: energy core is fashioned from ultra high rebound, very hard, hot-cast polyurethane, which bonds chemically to the proprietary high rebound wheel materials. The core design spreads the bearing loads out over the entire tread surface, loading the wheels evenly. The special nature of these cores makes them inherently faster because they lose less energy when rolling than a nylon, delrin or injection-molded urethane hub. Thus, the core is superior and unique to start with. It costs more to make, but the performance gain is worth it.

these Wheel Materials: Straight up, these are the highest rebound wheels in the industry. These wheels have been able to achieve higher rebounds in our soft urethanes because of their superior processing equipment and 36 years of experience. In addition, the higher quality of materials, proprietary formulas, and the optimized method of pouring these wheels enable These to produce the fastest, longest lasting, best sliding wheels in the world.

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Manufacturer These Wheels
Wheel Durometer/Hardness 78A
Wheel Diameter 78mm
Wheel Width 51mm
Wheel Contact Area 47mm
Wheel Edge Profile Round
Wheel Hub Setting OS Offset
Wheel Composition Urethane

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