Rogue 186mm / 48° Cast Truck - Raw/Raw (SINGLE)

The Rogue Cast Trucks are Changing the way we look at trucks all together! They take everything you know about downhill trucks and throw it out. These trucks have no bushing seat thus giving you fantastic lean and turn. The Cast Trucks are 186mm and fitted with an insert bushing - this totally eliminates all side to side movement removing speed wobbles altogether. They are designed for tall bushings (check the Ronin/Rogue bushings on our site), giving you deeper turn and more response (aka 'spring back').

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Manufacturer Rogue
Truck Width 186mm
Truck Style Downhill
Truck Reverse Kingpin Yes
  1. Very responsive and smooth turning truck Review by Michael

    I have this truck set up on one of my DH boards. With the stock bushings and insert bushing this truck was twitchy for me. So I swapped the bushings and insert bushing out with harder ones. Also I swapped out the stock washers with Amish cupped washers. Now this truck is very responsive and smooth feeling when turning. DH it is very stable with the setup that I have but that was only after swapping out the bushings and insert bushing. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a higher end feel that doesn't want to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars. (Posted on 08/02/2017)

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