Paris V2 195mm / 50° Truck - RAW (SINGLE)

The Paris 195mm truck is one of the best downhill trucks in our whole range. These were built with speed in mind and that is exactly what they do well. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50° which provides the perfect balance between manoeuvrability and stability at average speeds. The 195mm hanger allows for less leverage when compared to a narrower hanger but this is going to provide your feeling of security and stability when accelerating down hills or racing. 195mm Paris trucks are pre-mounted with 90A bushings (ideal for vibration dampening) but are compatible with most major bushing brands and shapes. Traditionally this truck would be mounted in a reverse kingpin position to give the optimum performance capable from this truck. This truck is happy in either a top-mount or drop-through set-up, but will reach it's full potential on wide (10"+) longboards geared towards stability and hill-bombing. The 6-hole baseplate ensures easy attachment to any deck with standardised, machined holes. This truck is guaranteed to be free from manufacturers faults for life.

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Manufacturer Paris Trucks Co.
Truck Width 195mm
Truck Style Downhill
Truck Reverse Kingpin Yes

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