Paris V2 180mm / 50° Truck - Various Colours (SINGLE)

The Long awaited Paris V2 is arguable one of the most versatile and rugged longboard trucks on the market. This is the same beloved Paris design with a bunch of new improvements and design tweaks. With a Paris V2 you get a redesigned, stronger faced hanger which is the perfect mounting point for your wheels and bearings of choice (we'll include speed washers with every Paris truck). Paris have also used tougher, longer lasting pivot cups made from quality urethane to keep the rigidity/flex ratio just right for high speed carving. The V2 truck also incorporates improved kingpin clearance for more dynamic turning. These coloured variations are beautiful aditions to any longboard and use more durable, powder-coated finish (though these will suffer over time obviously). Paris have also upgraded the forged metal in their kingpins to 'Grade 8'.

The Paris V2 180mm is the perfect all-around and perfect any terrain truck. The 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. The baseplate angle is 50° which should provide the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability (but should you want to upgrade to the 43° baseplate at a later date you can use the same hanger). All Paris Trucks are built with 90a Divine bushings in a 'standard' set-up (one cone, one barrel).

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