The progression of skateboarding over the last 20 years is one of the most progressive and rapid growths of known sports. The equipment used by enthusiasts has always followed suit to which tricks people are gravitating towards at the present time. With the popularity of Dogtown and the documentary“s released, skateboarding has evolved through devolution and is now accessible to a wider range of people. Looking back to what people were riding decades ago has provided many companies with a new line of products which for a few years were simply forgotten about.

Looking back to the very beginning with boards being fashioned from early rollerblades in the 1950“s it was the surfers who first were bitten by the bug. Surfing is a massive influence on skateboarding and the basic movements of early skateboarding were done to replicate those turns done on waves.


Over the years Skateboarding has progressed and new trends and fads have come and gone. There were some dark periods in the early eighties and early nineties, as well as having huge booms in the late nineties early 21st century.

Where does skateboarding stand now? Well as it is such a young sport who knows to where it is going to go next, but you can surely say that it is at its biggest point ever at present with multi million dollar industries purely selling skateboarding.


The facilities are getting more complex as well as having influence from the parks of yesteryear. In the UK we are moving away from the pre-fabricated, council built facilities of the nineties. Of late there has been a boom of decent sized council funded concrete parks getting built all over the country.