Madrid Longboards

The name Madrid has been an icon in the skateboarding industry ever since somebody decided to stick four wheels to a piece of wood. Jerry Madrid made the successful transition from surfing to skateboarding back before it became fashionable. Since then, Madrid Pro Designs has developed into one of the top leading deck manufacturers in the world.

Jerry Madrid started out shaping surfboards in his parents’ garage in Norwalk California. Skateboarding is an offshoot of surfing, so when the waves weren’t good, Jerry enjoyed riding the streets instead of the water. With his passion for shaping boards, it is no surprise that his shaping surfboards turned into shaping skateboards. Jerry Madrid started making skateboards out of fiberglass in the late 1960’s. He developed different types of laminations, shapes, and dimensions.

Madrid skateboards has since become Madrid Pro Designs, and has done nothing but achieve a well-respected and well-deserved name in the skateboard and surf industry. Madrid Pro Designs still uses our traditional recipe for making skateboards, with a few modern improvements here and there.

Madrid skateboards is located in Huntington Beach, California USA.

Gordon & Smith Skateboards

Gordon & Smith Skateboards have been around since the very beginning. Starting making skateboards in 1964 Gordon & Smith have been pioneers of skateboarding longer than anyone else around.

Gordon & Smith were the first company to sponsor professional skateboarders. A company with deep roots in surfing they have been the backbone of skateboarding for many years. Riding through the highs of the seventies and sticking it through the downs of the eighties and early nineties Gordon & Smith have shown the skateboarding community that they are in it for the long haul. Providing skateboards at exceptional quality, the longevity of Gordon & Smith is a benchmark for other brands. Skaters will go back to G&S time and time again. A true legend on the scene.

Being one of the first to use fibreglass laminates in their decks, G&S have some beautiful boards in their collection. With boards to suit anyone“s needs, pintails, mini cruisers, re-issues, vert & street boards, and a full range of wheels and accessories G&S are a kingpin of the skateboarding community.

One thing which we hear happy customers repeat is that out of all the boards they have had their G&S stood the test of time and still looked mint after all the years of abuse. The fibreflex technology is not a new one but is still to this day the strongest and most responsive composite widely used in skateboard technology today.

With the popularity of the Dogtown era mini cruiser style set-ups have largely grown in presence on the scene. The versatility of these boards is one of their main focal points. As well as looking damn good! G&S have some of the best mini cruiser set-ups around at surprisingly low prices for the quality we have learnt to expect from them.

With various options on the wheel/truck setups these mini cruiser boards will have you searching out for abandoned backyard pools tearing up a dishcloth for a headband and shredding the gnar!

Whilst the popularity of mini cruisers and retro set-ups has risen, the longer boards and traditional cruisers by G&S have continued to evolve. With trademark styling and aesthetically pleasing looks G&S have recently added some interesting boards to their collection.

This is the latest addition to the Fibreflex lineup, the SUPER CARVE model. It is 35-7/8" long by 9-3/8" wide, on a sweet 4ply cambered deck with a bit of concave, and it has a 26.5"-- 27.5" adjustable wheelbase.

The range of G&S is huge so contact us if there is anything you are searching for. If you want the original and best quality then G&S are for you. Stylistically they are beautiful and functionally superb.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards has been a name entwined within skate folklore since its birth from surfing. Such a company as Santa Cruz with over four decades of skateboard production provide you with a reassurance in every purchase. Starting off in 1973 by three Californian surfers, Santa Cruz have remained privately owned since day one, in doing this they have remained at the core of skateboardings roots and hearts of skaters alike. Only recently have Santa Cruz starting producing longboards. With boards such as the “Mahaka Rasta Pintail” they have sure come into the market at the very top of production. This 43.75” ten ply pintail is as aesthetically pleasing as it is to ride. Combining their set-ups with only the best quality components such as “Independent Trucks” We are delighted that Santa Cruz continued in their fine vein with this superb line of longboards. As skateboarding has so many styles and genres of attack, the boards in which are available to the consumer are so varied. Having such deep roots in the history of skateboarding, Santa Cruz have some superbly priced 1980’s pool/street completes. The “Santa Cruz Meek Slasher” will have you slashing curbs and shredding pools in no time! We are excited to be stocking this new range from Santa Cruz Skateboards and carry their range with great pride.